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“I really contemplated this testimonial and how I wanted to write it. After officially receiving my license number, I couldn't be anymore humbled & grateful to have had Suzanna as my NCLEX tutor/coach. I never really thought about getting a tutor because I assumed I could do it by myself. After taking the NCLEX exam 5 times, I was able to pass on my 5th attempt! To be honest, I didn't feel like I would pass NCLEX going into my 5th attempt. Meeting Suzanna was the best thing that ever happened to me. Before Suzanna was my tutor, I would just do questions occasionally. Having Suzanna as a tutor gave me a reason to hold myself accountable. She instilled so much confidence in me since day one. Suzanna's methods were the reason I knew I was still in the game even when I felt unsure of myself when I ran out of time at 141 questions on the NCLEX exam. But guess what? I passed NCLEX!! I couldn't be more grateful for Suzanna."


“After attempting my NCLEX once & not being successsful, I had pretty much lost hope within myself, my ability, & my knowledge. I began to think that nursing wasn't for me. That's when I stumbled onto Suzy's TikTok. Suzy was able to pinpoint areas where I needed to pay more attention & it gave me the confidence I needed not only to prepare, but pass the NCLEX. It was a blessing to work one-on-one with Suzy. Just follow the instructions carefully & take it seriously! 150 questions later, I'm now an LPN!

Niecey, The Next Gen Tutor

“After failing NCLEX four times and graduating four years ago, I had given up hope on becoming a RN. I was really hesitant to retake the NCLEX exam because I knew nothing about NGN questions. I needed guidance and I was referred to Suzanna, The Next Gen Tutor. She has been absolutely amazing since our first consultation! I had four sessions with her and each time my testing confidence increased. Suzanna is a great tutor with lots of patience and knowledge. She helped me break down the questions and had a structured study plan. Even after my sessions were completed she kept in contact with me and made sure I was still on track. I took NCLEX for the 5th time and 150 questions and 3.5 hours, I passed! I am officially a RN!

Leslee, The Next Gen Tutor

“I failed the NCLEX twice before I met Suzy. I had almost given up because I though it was not worth taking it a 3rd time. Suzy brought my confidence back during our meetings especially when I answered questions correctly and I was not sure and wanted to change my answers. She would also send me pictures of difficult topics to enhance my understanding. Suzy sent me progress reports each week on my performance which also encouraged me a lot. Her encouraging words like, "Good job Jackie! I am proud of you!" were fantastic. Sometimes, Suzy was stern with me when I was lagging and not doing enough. But that also helped keep me on my toes and reminded me to be serious with what I was doing. The relationship between me and Suzy was not only a student/tutor relationship; it went beyond that. She is very caring & kept checking up on me even after we ended our tutoring/coaching sessions until the day I took my NCLEX. I am so grateful, Suzy, & appreciate every effort you put into my passing NCLEX. I am now a licensed practical nurse, a dream I thought would never be fulfilled! God bless you, Suzy.

Jackie, The Next Gen Tutor

“I graduated from my nursing program & wrote the NCLEX-RN exam all the way to 150 questions & didn’t pass. When started studying for my 2nd attempt, I felt lost & nervous about writing the exam again. I contacted Suzanna for NCLEX coaching with hopes of getting help with NCLEX style questions; I wanted to everything I possibly could to ensure passed this next attempt. After an initial phone call with Suzanna, I already began to feel more hopeful & empowered. We went over the results of my first attempt together, the date I would be writing for the exam again, how I studied, & what resources I was using. Suzanna had me complete a mock NCLEX-RN assessment so we could see my areas of weakness. Suzanna went above & beyond what I could have hoped for in an NCLEX coach. She is passionate, supportive, personable, honest, kind, & will be your biggest cheerleader! I think it’s common to lack confidence & have anxiety as a repeat test taker & worry about passing. Suzanna helped remedy this by being patient inside & outside our coaching sessions. She was always honest with me with where she felt like I was on this journey. Suzanna taught me how to work through questions when I didn’t recognize a medication or medical condition. She always congratulated me on my small victories! Suzanna adapted to my learning style. She helped me manage my anxiety with writing for the exam again & encouraged me to take a least a day or more off from studying before the NCLEX. I was apprehensive at first but I’m glad I listened to Suzanna. I took breaks as she suggested during the exam & I was able to focus & think clearly. Even after I finished writing the exam at 85 questions, Suzanna continued to support me & remind me of all the hard work I had done & how proud she was of me. I realized how lucky I was to have Suzanna as an NCLEX coach. Without her, I wouldn’t have passed my NCLEX-RN on my 2nd attempt & wouldn’t be an RN today! Thank you for everything you have done for me Suzanna. I would not be where I am without you. "


“I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable guidance & support I received from my NCLEX tutor, Suzanna. Through 8 wonderful sessions, she skillfully navigated the complexities of the exam, providing me with the knowledge & confidence needed to succeed. Her dedication & expertise truly made a significant impact on my NCLEX journey, & I highly recommend Suzanna to anyone seeking a knowledgeable & supportive tutor. Thank you so much Suzanna for your help. I was able to pass at 85 questions!


Where do I begin………About 3 months ago I was paired with this amazing woman, Suzanna, & the impact she had on me I would have never imagined. I have been an LPN since 2006 & now a RN as of November with the help and encouragement of my coaching with Suzanna!. This woman has some amazing knowledge and tips to help you pass the NCLEX! Never once was she impatient or critical. She was always willing to listen and talk through every question. Not only was she my coach, she has become a very special part of my life. The Lord always knows what he is doing when your paths cross. Suzanna will forever be in my life and if it wasn’t for God and for her, I would have never passed this exam!!!!! I LOVE YOU S!!!!!!


“Suzanna was my NCLEX coach & helped me cross the barrier as I am not a good test taker. After multiple attempts, I needed a new way to study and gave myself a last chance. I stumbled upon Suzanna, The Next Gen tutor and I am forever blessed that I did! She has given me so much confidence in my ability to answer questions, to point out key words, & to stop second guessing myself. She provided me with the test taking skills to tackle the test. Suzanna held my hand through all my worrying and fears over this exam. We completed a lot of questions, & her explanations clarified a lot of the areas that you can see on the NCLEX exam. I strongly recommend Suzanna to anyone currently enrolled in nursing school, or who is studying to take the NCLEX. She is not only an amazing coach but also an excellent counselor. I can finally say as of October 11, 2023, I finally passed my NCLEX exam, & am now an RN. I cannot thank Suzanna enough for all her encouragement and cheerleading to get me through!


“I passed my NCLEX-RN having coached with Ms. Suzanna. She was so amazing! Suzanna was very knowledgeable & gave me the encouragement, guidance, & support I needed to improve my confidence. She made herself available outside of the tutoring sessions for me to ask questions. Ms. Suzanna’s strategies worked! Simple advice she gave me helped, such as “you need to take a break! or “take the weekend off” from studying or doing anything. If you are thinking of getting an NCLEX coach, I highly recommend Ms. Suzanna! You truly won’t regret it! Thank you so much, Miss!”


“I was feeling extremely defeated after being a repeat test taker. I was seeking some guidance because what I had been doing, was what everyone else was doing, but it wasn’t working. I was utilizing Uworld everyday & focusing on checking off so many questions a day. It clearly wasn’t working for me. Suzanna went above and beyond each time we spoke & tutored. During our initial session, Suzanna got to know me, my life, & how I was studying. She is very passionate and personable, and it shows. If I had questions outside our sessions, she always made sure I understood specific concepts & it was answered within a reasonable time frame. Suzanna would make time to send me videos or articles to help me better understand certain concepts. Suzanna adapts to your learning style & I appreciated that the most. She was honest & I needed that. Suzanna believed in me even when it was difficult for me to believe in myself. She mentallyprovided so much support & didn’t allow my past test results to define me. They didn’t because I passed & I’m now an RN. I’m giving my testimony that failing does not define you, but determination and help from The Next Gen Tutor, Suzanna, you can pass!”

Haley, The Next Gen Tutor

“Hi Suzanna! I genuinely wanted to express my gratitude for all that you do! You are heaven sent and I passed my NCLEX at 85 questions. This wouldn’t have been possible without you & your method. I’m immensely grateful! Thank you once more. God bless you.”


"I highly recommend Suzanna. She is literally the best & the sweetest lady every. You can tell she really cares about each and every student of hers! She helped me so much especially with my anxiety. The one thing I love about Suzanna & the way she tutors is that Suzanna boosts your self esteem and self confidence. Thank you so much Suzanna for everything. Thanks to you and your help, I passed my exam the first time. Thank you for everything!"

Kennedy, The Next Gen Tutor

“Suzanna is the type of tutor who goes above & beyond to ensure her students understand a concept. You can bet you’ll get a text message from Suzanna shortly after your session with an article she found online & with an excellent explanation from her. That is what I most admire about Suzanna. She is passionate & dedicated about nursing & it shows! Suzanna will be there supporting & inspiring you every step of the way; from the minute you start until the moment you get your passing result. Thank you so much, Suzanna. You are just the mentor I needed.”


"I tutored with Suzanna. As an older student, my experience with Suzanna was phenomenal! I am a repeat NCLEX-RN test taker & a single mom of 10-year-old twins. Suzanna gave me the strategies I need to PASS the NCLEX! She believed in me more than I did in myself. She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable, Thank you so much, Suzanna! I did it!”


"I hadn't passed the NCLEX twice. I studied with multiple tools online & books. Despite all this, I still couldn’t pass. Suzanna has this calm nature, figures out your learning style, helps you breathe, & read through the questions to understand the key terms. She doesn't overwhelm you with too much information. She brings you confidence & great knowledge while guiding you to pass your test. I would recommend Suzanna every day & twice on Sunday! I would not have passed without her guidance and support."


“I failed my NCLEX twice & felt so defeated. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, but I knew the 3rd time around I needed to do something different because what I had done previously wasn’t’ working. I knew I wanted a tutor this time & was thankful to find Suzanna because she was the missing key I needed to pass. She made everything finally click. She made the questions easier to understand & helped me always narrow down to 2; if I wasn’t sure, I still had a good chance of picking the correct answer. She made things so much easier, helped me with my anxiety, & built my confidence back up. I’m so happy & grateful I found her. I will be forever thankful for Suzanna helping me finally become an RN.”


Suzanna is one of the best tutors you can have! I have taken my NCLEX twice prior to finding Suzanna. I was so discouraged & though I was never going to get over this milestone in life. I have had many tutors prior to Suzanna & none of them can compare, Suzanna pushed me to do my best & was very honest with me. She broke down the questions & even used her experiences as a nurse to help the information stick, which I really loved! Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to call myself an LPN. So, I

thank you, Suzanna, & can’t thank you enough.”